Motor Protection Circuit Breaker GV2-ME

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker GV2-ME

GV2 series motor protecting breaker adopts the design of module,It has beautifulshape,small value,complete range of function and reliable performance.


Denor thermal-magnetic motor circuit-breakers type GV2-M series are designed for control and protection of induction motors from overload, overheat or short circuit. The overload motor protection is carried out by the built in the breaker thermal elements, and the short circuit protection is carried out by the magnetic elements. These magnetic elements allow the adjustment of the current leakage which is 13 times the maximum current of the thermal protection. The overload protection elements include automatic compensation for the ambient temperature changes. In combination with under voltage release the thermal-magnetic breaker GV2-M also provides protection of the motors from fall out of a phase from the power supply. The choice of a suitable protection prevents motor’s operation at unusual temperature conditions and guarantees maximum constant operation.


• protects the motor at lack/lowering of the phase voltage (if there is under voltage release)
• used as a protective operating element in control panels of induction motors
• remarkable with high reliability of current characteristics
• possibility for change/choice of the protection current (according to the operating current of the motor)
• automatic compensation of the ambient temperature

Technical Data:

• rated operating voltage: up to 690V AC
• rated operating current range: from 0.1 to 80A according to the type in table 1
• insulation voltage: 690V
• surge voltage wear resistance:≥6000V
• joining terminal: screw terminal
• electrical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥1000000
• mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥10000000
• Indication for protection activating
• Possibility for range adjustment of the protection activating
• possibility for operation at higher frequency
• possibility for independent operation or as an element of an automation system
• tripping category: class 10A


• mounting to DIN-rail
• mounting : vertical gradient – maximum± 5°
• plastic: wear resistance of UV rays and nonflammable (self-extinguishing material)
• ambient temperature: -10°C + 65°C
• altitude: up to 2000m


Motor Circuit Breakers GV2 Specification 001

The rated power of three-phase electromtor controlled by breaker(GV2 motor circuit breaker)

Motor Circuit Breakers GV2 Specification 002

The disjointing current commuting value of breaker in instantmagnetic field

Motor Circuit Breakers GV2 Specification 003

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