Impulse Relay BIR-16


• The lighting system must be able to be turned on locally, by the residents.
• It must be possible to switch off all the lighting areas by means of a centralized control in a single action, to ensure extinguishing of the whole house.
• For practical reasons, all the lighting areas can also be switched on in a single action.

Proposed solution
• The use of Denor Impulse Relays allows both local control of each room and centralized control of the whole house.
• Centralized control is provided by ON/OFF push buttons, remote from all the rooms to be managed.


User/customer benefits
• Energy savings: centralized control allows extinguishing of all the rooms in the house to prevent leaving rooms lit when there are no residents.
• Comfort: all the rooms in the house can also be switched on in a single action.
• Ease of installation: the small size (18 mm) of the impulse relay is equivalent to that of a simple impulse relay.

• mounting to 35mm DIN-rail
• mounting : in different position of installation
• plastic: nonflammable (self-extinguishing material)
• ambient temperature: -20°C to + 50°C
• degree of protection(IEC 60529) : IP20
• tropicalization(IEC 60068-1) : treatment 2 (relative humidity 95% at 55°C)

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